Entertainer, Lil Yachty has done nothing but make waves since the beginning of his music career. The notoriously simple man who answers to a variety of names, our favorite being “Lil Boat” has earned himself quite the name by consistently putting out hit track after hit track.

While old school hip-hop heads may not agree with his style and oftentimes argue that he doesn’t belong in the game, this “old head” mentality hasn’t seemed to put a damper on Yachty’s parade.

In Fact, Lil Yachty Is Steady Sailing

And shows no signs of stopping. 2017 was a good year for the rapper ( or whatever ya wanna call him) as he managed to bank a pretty penny penny off of his music made for teens. Quality Control Music CEO, Pierre Thomas recently revealed that in just 16 months,Yachty raked in over $13 million.


He Is Doing So Well In Fact,He Landed A Seat On The Tonight Show

With none other than, the hilarious Jimmy Fallon.


Yachty Came Prepared To Spit!

Bars on deck, the young entertainer might have actually made a few of those bitter-old heads proud with his Simpson’s inspired rhyme.


Straight For The Kill, Lil Boat Left No Name Unspoken

Slaying this rhyme inspired by each character’s traits Source

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