Launched in February of 2014, Akon Lighting Africa is philanthropist and musician , Akon’s solar-powered solution to provide clean and affordable electricity to approximately 600,000 Africans who go without.

Thus far, Akon has managed to provide solar-energy for an astonishing 14 African countries less than three years. If you think he is anywhere near done helping African communities thrive you are wrong! Akon recently joined forces with the Ministry of Education and Bridge Partnership Schools in Liberia to launch the #LightToLearn initiative.

Look At The Facts.


You guessed it! This partnership aims to accomplish one thing and that is to increase access to affordable energy, clean energy, and brighter futures. This means fostering education, building communities up by giving them access to electricity and therefore providing jobs.

He Has Already Done So Much Good!


And He Is Still Working To Get People Plugged In!




Not only are jobs created but trades are taught. Afterall, someone will have to be responsible for engineering and manifesting these resources. Once there is access to electricity, small stores and services can now thrive and thus create more jobs.

Akon’s generous will to lend a hand does not go unnoticed. Let him inspire you to help someone too!

 The Senegalese Artist Is Spreading The Wealth!


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