They were probably part of your childhood. If they weren’t, you clearly didn’t live somewhere that valued such natural accommodations. Kids used them as places of privacy, away from the prying eyes of adults and parents. Fathers found time to bond with their sons over the design and structural nuances. Yes, the treehouse is a big part of Americana. It’s like baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie all reconfigured into scrap lumber and then carefully crammed into the biggest tree on the lot. Sometimes, the quality is exceptional. In other instances, the construction leaves a little (or a lot) to be desired.

For a preacher in Tennessee, a vision from God (ala Noah) provided the impetus to build what many are considering the largest treehouse in the world. A record setter, you might say, and once you see the images included in the gallery and watch the video tour of the place, you’ll be calling the people at Guinness yourself. Horace Burgess created the structure around an airborne chapel, wanting it to be a place of reflection and prayer.

Now, it’s a 97 foot high, 15,000 square foot work of art that has visitors gobsmacked and the county angry. You see, Horace never got the proper permits to create something like this and the building is not up to code. It’s also a fire hazard (What? Wood? Noooo…) After 15 years of construction, you’d think someone would have known this already. Oh well – enjoy the view.

It’s Like Something Out Of Halloween


But It’s Purpose Is Purely Holy


Inspired By God, This Pastor Built An Amazing Structure


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