Barbara Wilson, mother of three and resident of Kentucky sought to teach her teen son a lesson. For one reason or another the boy had gotten himself into trouble with his mother and as punishment she demanded that he begin mowing lawns around their neighborhood, for free. One can see how this might be a brutal punishment in the heat of the summer for no return, however Barbara never could have assumed that this would happen.

You see as a result of Wilson’s disciplinary actions, her son actually came to like the outdoor task. In fact, Travis Durham enjoyed helping those in need of lawn care for free so much that he brought his two brothers and his cousin on the team. The four young men have since been traveling from community to community servicing lawns at no charge in the heat of the summer sun!

There is something rather silly happening here and there, as the boys travel door to door offering their complimentary service. Many residents refuse to open the door or seem weary of the young mens’ presence. Intimidated by their dark skin perhaps, the school of thought ingrained in their brains needs a fine tuning. Although it may the struggle to get through these racial stereotypes construed by way too many years of disproportionate opportunity, these young men are doing their part to make a difference in the perception of others.

Movements like this, no matter how small or large will affect the outlook of those who are less than informed and continue to live in an unfair and assuming prejudice state.

It’s rare to find a person, let alone four young men in 2016 that will do favors, lend helping hands and put in such hard work for no monetary return. Believe it! This is no scam! Although the young men will not accept payment for their charity, they do accept the generosity of those who can help by donating any equipment they might need, in addition to having a GoFundMe account set up to fund a family trip to Disney, next summer.

Barbara Wilson, their mother has made it clear that no matter if they accrue the funds in their GoFundMe account or not, that she and her husband will afford to take the hardworking boys on this much anticipated vacation, one way or another.

In It To Win It And Always On Their Grind

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Their Giving Nature Is Unreal

These Boys Arent The Only Young Souls Making A Difference!


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