When the city of lights and sin decided to go green there was no going back. Las Vegas, Nevada is known for nothing other than being the biggest and brightest mecca for gambling, elaborate shows, erotic teases and all things ostentatious. So of course, there was no way that this city made of gluttonous desires and dreams went all out when it came to the sustainability plan.

Just as the Mayor Carolyn Goodman said;

“When we say something’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.”


The Vegas Strip Is Notorious For It’s Bright Lights


It’s A Big City With A Big Plan


To Make A Big Difference


By Changing The Way We Live

One can imagine that Vegas’ electric bill was top dollar before they began making the seemingly effortless switch to sustainable energy. With help from NVEnergy this approximately $5 Million project is paving the way for other major cities to make the change.


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