It’s called the food chain. The circle of life. The biological notion of survival of the fittest. From the smallest invertebrate to the largest mammal, the entirety of nature is in a war for existence, and it’s weird how this world works sometimes. Humans, given the power of rationale thought, rarely find themselves the victim of attack – unless they are challenging the other species on their “home turf,” so to speak. But within the various ranks, it’s a critter melee, with predators targeting prey with a National Geographic like regularity.

In the video below, you will see something that has scientists and scholars baffled. Now, it’s not surprise that killer whales (otherwise known as Orcas) are very effective hunters. Heck, their name even infers their prowess. But something unusual has been happening amongst these ocean dwellers, and it seems antithetical to what researchers know. Killer whales hunt in packs (or pods, to use the proper terminology) and back in 2009, marine ecologist Robert Pitman saw a seal being pursued by such a group. Suddenly, a humpback came along and “rescued” the critter. It even protected it until it was safe.

This Seal Is In Trouble



What’s That?



Humpback To The Rescue



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