Anyone out there who is one knows that being a parent is hard. At times, it’s very hard.

However, it’s so worth it.

There’s nothing like seeing the little life you helped create smile at you for the first time, the joy you feel when you hear your baby’s laugh, the sense of pride that encompasses you when he or she takes their first steps.

And then, the talking begins.

There’s a reason why Kids Say The Darndest Things was so popular – parents could relate to all of the brutally honest, yet totally innocent quips that would come out of the mouths of the kids on the show.

Parents experience this daily when there are little ones around and lucky for us, some of these grown ups have Twitter accounts and have no qualms sharing the sometimes embarrassing but always entertaining things that their children say.

Like these…

Sorry, kiddo, just milk.

It’s All In The Tone

Honest question. Also, get it together, mom!

Never Give In


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