If you don’t already follow the Snapchat Sage himself, you’ve most definitely heard of him. DJ Khaled, known for reminding anyone with a pair of ears who the best really are, is doing him. You just can’t deny the man’s talent for creating hype over anything. Now that social media has evolved into another form of entertainment, entertainment’s most knowledgable DJ is ready to share the hype with any and all.

DK Khaled and his trademark personality is now one of the most, if not the most, followed person on Snapchat. His rants are raved about by fans and quoted in the pop culture world. Somehow, even the daily fact of drinking water becomes more interesting with Khaled urging you on. 

In fact, Khaled’s cult following has firmly established itself in today’s pop culture so much that showing anyone under the age of 30 the key emoji triggers the immediate response of “Major key!”. Creative nicknames for inanimate objects are spiking across the globe and everyone wishes they could have a DJ Khaled life coach by their side, but there’s only so much Khaled to go around.

That is, until the next generation grows up under the guiding light of everyone’s favorite living meme. Think Khaled is really that great of a role model now? Just wait until you see a kid with his mindset in action…