As fans of music, especially Hip-Hop, we always have favorite verses and songs from our favorite artist. With rappers, barbershops and water coolers across the world buzz with debates over the best bars, best hooks, and the best emcees in the game.

Kendrick Lamar has solidified his place in the discussion of the game’s best. With multiple classics in his catalog, K. Dot is not only starting to get placed in the discussion, he’s well on his way towards the spot among the all-time greats. It’s not an accident, and his approach towards the craft proves it.

While speaking with i-D Magazine he spoke on his his view:

“Hip-hop plays two ways in my head. It plays as a contact sport, and also as something that you connect to—songwriting. Growing up and listening to battles between Nas and Jay-Z, that’s the sport for me. That’s where it can get funky, that’s where I can say whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want. Then there’s the other side, which is showing something that people can actually relate to, and connect with. I have that competitive nature, and I also have the compassion to talk about something that’s real.”

Kendrick reveals the best verses he’s ever written on PAGE 2…