Everybody has an opinion when it comes to the best rappers of all time. The “Top Five Dead Or Alive” Debate continues to rage on from barbershops to threads across the Internet. One name that comes up all of the time is Eminem. He’s an absolute savage when it comes to rhyming, and there are few that can be considered his peep when you speak about success. One emcee on his way to Hip-Hop’s Mount Rushmore is Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick has built his reputation as not only a tenatious rapper, but also an artist that carefully constructs albums into classic pieces of musical art. He has become the leader of the new school emcees, and for good reason.

Rappers are held to high standards when it comes to writing their own music. It’s common place for pop singers to have a team of writers crafting their hits, but for rappers, it’s not a respected practice. Kendrick hasn’t been accused of having a ghostwriter, but many of his highly successful contemporaries have.

Eminem sought to have Kendrick on his album The Marshall Mathers LP2, but first wanted to make sure it was really him behind the rhymes. This story wasn’t known until Ed Sheeran shared his account of it after working with Rick Rubin.

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