Kids Supply is a clothing line for kids that goes far beyond Target or mall fashion.


Kim made the announcement on Twitter that the new collection was dropping Monday morning.



Originally, Kids Supply dropped in May but they’ve added two other collections to the line.


Fly as always! @g.von.g

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The third is now out and we’ve got a great preview of what Fall 2017 has in store for kids’ fashion!


Akid x Kids Supply Fur Slides – Dust

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You’ve heard of “Baby Jordans,” so why not try some “Baby Yeezys” on for size.

First in classic white:


All white Yeezy V2 restock

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Now in black:


Yeezy V2 Black/Red Restock 9.18 9a PST/12p EST

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If grown-up Yeezys can go for $1,000 or more, how much does a pair of Baby Yeezys set you back?


Around $300.


Considering babies usually outgrow a pair of shoes after a few months, it seems a little impractical for the everyday parent to purchase these for their child, but to each his own.


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