It’s okay if you aren’t particularly fond of Kim K. and her hubby; to each his own. But there are three things they should really get some props for.


First, their kids, North and Saint, are gorgeous.


Total eclipse of the heart

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Second, they both know how to make extra zeroes just by their personalities.


The Wests know that a good portion of Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘ viewership comes from people just being curious and they’re completely fine with that.


That curiosity could end up paying the couple handsomely and who’s trying to turn down money?



Third, these two are major fashionistas.


You may not be a fan of their style but you have to admit, they’re fashion icons – mavericks, even.


Remember when Kanye started rocking a male skirt?


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So it only makes sense that they take the three things they do best as a couple and combine them into one focused source of energy: Kids Supply.

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