If anyone knows how to get money, it’s Mr. Zone 6. With the help of his wifey who just happens to be one of the baddest females in the game-Gucci Mane managed to outdo most of his peer and rivals in the industry while sitting in the feds! No joke.

Money is his first name. He’s Guwop. He’s so “D.I.G”-dipped in gold with and oftentimes with a mouth full of it too. “So icey” is just one of his incredibly appropriate nicknames derived from nothing but the damn truth.

It’s clear that if anyone should be handing out advice on how to get paper it should be Gucci Mane. From his recent endorsements to his hustle and grind attitude,this man is an economic success!


The team over at Foot Action decided to bring Gucci and a few of his fellow hustler friends in a quirky and yet hilarious video UP NEXT

If you are looking to up your funds and your juice too, then who better to help you up your money and your shoe game all in one play than Gucci Mane? Burr.


PRESS PLAY (But don’t get lost in the sauce)

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