Southhampton’s Robert Mfune began working his first job at 16-years-old. Like many young teens the first uniform he rocked was that of the notorious “golden arches”. The difference between Robert and other 16-year-old’s however, is that he made sure to make the right moves and ensure that he wouldn’t be dropping fries or answering cars at the drive-thru line for much longer.

Robert has always been a hard worker. All the while he was slinging “Dollar Menu” deals, the young entrepreneur was learning the ins and outs of trading. In addition to getting his degree, the Mfune was running errands for binary traders. Not only did this allow a little extra cash but it was also a great lesson in the school of life and in no time at all the hardworking young man, had it all figured out!

His First Job May Have Been Dropping Fries But Mfune Has Told Those Days Goodbye!


Introducing Robert Mfune


Robert Has An Unparalleled Work Ethic And He Knew What He Had To Do!


Work Hard, Play Hard

As the only owner of a Bentley, dipped in gold, Mfune admits that he is not all that materialistic. Although it may be hard to believe as the teen rolls by in this flashy ride, you can’t knock his hustle! Learn more about Robert’s rise to the top in the video below and see if you to can be inspired to put in work like Mfune!

He Began Investing In His Future At A Young Age And You Can Too!


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