So we all know better than to run our mouths. Everyone is taught to be kind to others. Ya know , the ol’- “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all” rule to live by?

That being said, almost n one abides by this law ALL OF THE TIME. We couldn’t joke around or find humor in other’s misery if it weren’t for a few too real truths and constructive criticism every now and then.

This Is 50 Cent

He is a rap icon, a survivor,and entrepreneur and an all around stellar guy.


Even though he may be a hip-hop super star that doesn’t mean that the infamous rapper who was shot…How many times, again? Eh, that’s old news anyway-Just because he is successful AF and rollin’ in the dough, that doesn’t mean that 50 Cent couldn’t benefit from a little constructive critism.

Just because he has it all- good looks, mney, success and talent doesn’t mean that a few strangers in the street couldn’t bring him to his knees. Or does it?

Jimmy Kimmel Wants To Know…

Is 50 “The Greatest Of All Time?” Like, the greatest rapper alive?! Oh yeah, you read that right. Apparently, an article was recently published, placing the G-Unit rapper at the top of the top-notch list. Kimmel thought it wise to test this theory. Of course, he brought someone with him-special guest 50 Cent to join him in the streets for a little “harmless fun.”


The results are, as you can probably imagine HILARIOUS. Have you ever talked smack about someone only to turn around and see them standing there? Well , these unsuspecting sidewalk contributors did and you don’t wanna miss it. TRUST.


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