When it came time for Harvard student Osabi Shaw to submit his thesis, this Ivy League student conjured up a different plan.

Rather than stick to the same old, boring paper, Shaw took a little creative liberty by crafting a literary piece in the form of a hip-hop album. Yep, 10 tracks replaced the age-old 10+ paper. Cool, huh?

Welcome To The School Of Hard Knocks…

LOL. Not exactly. But this Harvard Student by the name of Obasi Shaw has managed to bring a little concious flow and street smarts to his grade A thesis comprised of ten tracks.Yes, tracks , not pages. Obasi took another approach to his thesis and took the studio to record an album instead of the traditional MLA/APA? (/whatever the snore )format professors generally prefer.

After  About A Year Of Diligent Work…

Shaw’s masterpiece, addressing many a controversial issues such as civil rights issue and particularly, police brutality earned the response he worked so very hard for.



In case you’re skeptical of this students lyrical abilities, rest assured. His rhymes are not only smooth but witty , rich with content and served up with eloquence.💯


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