This hotel on the very literal rise is going to be comprised of more bedrooms and restaurants than the entire city of Mecca can boast. The recently released plans to begin construction on this city within a city is bringing a lot of attention the incredible disparities that exist within the city of Mecca.

Streets are lined with beggars and hungry people trying to sell their goods for a bite to eat as luxury cars drive by. The construction of this new “hotel” only guarantees that gap become more and more prominent, filtering all of the wealth into the same hands in a vicious cyclical cycle , over and over again.

The enormous size and incredible amenities of this soon to be monstrosity will no doubt be beautiful and made of everything material dreams could manifest. Check it out…

The Design Will Tower Over The Impoverished Streets Of Mecca


This Larger Than Life Structure Will Be The World’s Largest Hotel


Boasting 10,000 Rooms And 70 Restaurants


It’s Going To Cost $3.5 Billion To Build!


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