In an recent interview with Vibe Magazine Akon spoke about his new an improved label. Konvict Muzik, founded in 2005 has been a pillar of the hip-hop and R&B scene. Akon and his team have been so successful in their endeavors lately that it is now time to revamp and upgrade the label.

Akon’s, Konvict Kartel Promises Big Things For The Industry!


Akon’s shared that his ultimate goal with the new look and structure of Konvict Kartel, formally known as Konvict Muzik  is to build careers. Known for giving back and lending a hand where he can, Akon aims to give talented artists a chance to make it big!

 This is a movement and I just want to be in position to offer that platform to artists who understand who they are and where they want to be in the next ten years. That’s what we want. We’re trying to build careers here.

As you may have expected, this rebranding of the tried and true label comes with perks! Yes, that’s right Akon is introducing both seasoned talent and fresh voices to the Konvict Kartel team! Fans can look forward to seeing a whole lot more of these skilled lyricists on the label designed with urban vibes in mind.

Make your way down this page to see what’s happening with the release of Akon’s much anticipated album, Stadium and to learn more about what the Konvict Crew will be bringing to a speaker near you in 2017!

Meet The Artists…


He Is Predicted To Be The  Next Big Name Out Of The South


Atlanta Trap Artist, Money Man Is Quickly Gaining Fans


This Atlanta rapper has a soothing dirty south sound. His beats knock but still hold a cloud-rap vibe with plenty of high-hat in true southern trap style. Konvict Kartel’s, Akon says that Money Man is one of the next big things to come out of the south. It’s no surprise that the rapper is gaining momentum quickly. With clean production, immaculate style an ability to see eye to eye with his fans, Money Man will finesse his way to success on track at a time.  Check out Money Man’s Music HERE

 Memphis Rapper OG Boo Dirty Is Not New To The Game


Boo Dirty Has Collabed With Gucci Mane, Young Thug And Of Course Akon



His collaborations are pretty good indications as to what style of hip-hop OG Boo Dirty is bringing to the scene. When you hear names like Gucci Mane and Young Thug you can expect southern charm and a side of sauce and little extra seasoning. The 27-Year-Old rapper is known for having an alter ego, Lance Taylor. OG Boo Dirty reps nothing but street cred, money, and bad chicks. Then, there is Lance Taylor, who coaches and little league team and focuses on giving back to the community. 

Konvict Kartel’s Tone Tone Is A Boss Out Of Detroit


Tone Tone Is Well-Respected In The Streets


This Detroit artist is an OG in the streets. He has made his way from the bottom in his own way, on his own time and he is well-respected for it. His drawl undeniable, making his flow very recognizable. Konvict Kartel’s side label Gold Gangs may become a staple for Detroit urban artists on the rise with the help of Tone Tone.

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