Breeders, Marlon and Lisa Grennan have shared their family’s most unique furry friend with the World Wide Web and dog lovers everywhere are straight up losing it!

Weighing in at 175lbs “Hulk” might looking intimidating at first but don’t be fooled this pup’s best friend is just a toddler on the run and Hulk would never hurt him! On another note, the extremely buff pup is trained with the best of them, as his owners are well-known breeders.

The couple claims to live and breath the business of quality care and instruction for their high-priced dogs. They call their family business Dark Dynasty K9s and boast being was of the leading suppliers in the industry of dogs bred to provide both love, insight and protection.

This truth has earned these two quite a few high profile clients including celebrities looking to feel safe, leaders, billionaires and wealthy professionals. The Grennan’s even supply government agencies and officials with prestigiously trained dogs!

Meet Hulk



Hulk Is A Vital Member Of The Grennan Family



Not Only Does He Provide Them Protection But Hulk Is Also This Little Guy’s Best Friend!



175lbs Of Dog Looks Like This…He Is The Weight Of A Grown Man! Don’t Believe It? See How Much This Guy Eats Everyday…