Alright. Let’s get real. They don’t call her the Queen for reason. She’s the real deal. The whole package. She’s blessed with good genetics, a fierce personality and passion for art and boss mentality-not to mention, she’s hella talented. (Hey, even if you aren’t really a fan of the former Destiny’s child singer, you can’t deny that she has what it takes and then some.💯



Even Michelle & Sasha Approve!


Mrs. Shawn Carter is one heck of an entertainer. She ONLY has like A HUNDRED AND FIVE MILLION followers on Instagram. NBD


The Fact Is,  Beyoncé Has Got The Juice🍊💦


Even when times were tough and Bey’s relationship was on the rocks, she didn’t crumble under pressure. She didn’t let “Becky with the good hair” ruin everything she had worked so hard to gain.

No, not Beyoncé.  Beyoncé experienced a very real, very sour situation. So what did she do? Added sugar, of course.💁

Life gave her lemons and so she made LEMONADE. Really profitable lemonade.


She already made millions with her latest drama inspired release. But capital continues to grow as Bey continues to pour to the glass with everything from merchandise (Remember those little “hot sauce in my bag,. SWAG bottles she had for sale on her site? Can you say GENIUS?)to interviews and photos, and of course touring. All that along with physical and digital sales of both the visual album as well as the audio album and there you have it! Beyoncé  is getting money!

But get this? She’s not done yet…


You probably heard about her latest money maker. It’s an inside look into the intriguing events that inspired Bey to make her record breaking album LEMONADE.

There’s just one thing. The retail price of this coffee table book described in the press release as

“the inspiration and themes behind some of the film’s most provocative and cryptic moments,”


is a whopping $300 big ones. Oh and they already sold out so you better believe the value of this inside look into the Carter’s life with be valued at-at least a grand by the end of 2017.

The good news is. There are a few photo excerpts from this pricey release.

Want to see them? READ ON!