It’s not all that surprising to learn that this daredevil of an explorer is the daughter of a wildlife photographer and naturalist who began showing her the ropes at a young age. Alison Teal has traveled to over 40 countries , exploring her fair share of sights and waves to ride.

The adventurer’s latest expedition was somewhere no one had ever gone before. Alison Teal surfed through the ancient Catacombs in Paris. That means this young woman and her team of experts just swam through, stepped on, and walked past approximately six million skeletons!

Alison Teal Was Advised Not To Make This Trip


But Against The Advice Of Experts She Went Anyway


The Fearless Female Was Not Alone However


She Brought Some of The Most Experienced Cavers


She Described The Air As Dense And Suffocating


And At Times Trying


But The Adventure Seeker Had The Time Of Her Life!


Some People Have Questioned Her Choice To Enter A Grave…


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