Have you ever in your life thought, “Well if I was king…?”


One Indian adventurer decided to act on this sentiment and now claims to be “King of Dixit.”


Posted by Suyash Dixit on Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Suyash Dixit traveled over six hours across the desert to declare himself the ruler of an unclaimed strip of land in North Africa.


He’s even encouraging interested parties to apply for citizenship.



Bir Tawil is an 800-square mile piece of uninhabited land between Egypt and Sudan that neither country has claimed. As a result of a bizarre boundary quirk drawn up by the Brits in 1899, Bir Tawil is the only place on earth that humans can live ungoverned.


Well, until Suyash took over as “king.”


Posted by Suyash Dixit on Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Now, this isn’t a storybook tale in which an explorer happened upon a piece of land that was unclaimed. In fact, Dixit explained that the planning process was quite tedious.


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