Picture yourself being as old as you are now, but looking much younger.


Not because of cosmetic surgery or injections or because you’ve spent thousands of dollars on magical Fountain of Youth creams and oils.


Imagine being the age you are now, but instead of having the body that coincides with your age, you are much younger naturally.

Meet Angus



Angus Palmes is 13 years old but is trapped in the body of a toddler.


Due to a chromosomal abnormality, Angus’ body halted its growth when he was a baby. Doctors and other medical professionals cannot find a reason why this condition happened.


Doctors call what Angus has “happy syndrome” because there is no scientific name for the condition and Angus is always laughing and smiling.


Others, however, call him “The real-life Benjamin Button.”

Angus Is Always Happy And Upbeat



One of the effects of his condition is that his communication skills are that of a toddler as well.


Angus communicates using simple sign language. His mother, Tandy, can understand Angus as he typically uses just his thumb and forefinger.


Weighing only 30 pounds at 3’1″, Angus can walk with assistance, but there are physical demands.


Tandy says that Angus takes up to 250 medications per week and has undergone many medical procedures. Angus is definitely a strong little boy, though – he even beat meningitis when he was two.

Tandy Wants People To See Angus As A Happy Boy


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