Looks can be deceiving. You know the old joke about the family living next door to a serial killer. As the psycho is revealed and his (or her – let’s not be sexist) crimes are outlined, the media finds a member of the household and asks about the fiend. “He was a quiet man,” they usually say, “He seemed so normal.” And there you have it – perception vs. reality. Everyone thought he (or she) was cool, even as they had bodies stacked up like cordwood in the basement.

When You Think Of Dams, You Usually Envision Something Like This


It’s the same with a strange hole in Portugal that a photographer recently discovered. If we told you its name, the mystery would be gone. Instead, we offer up a few pictures initially, with an explanation later on. Some who have seen the image call it “the mouth of Hell.” It sure looks like a surreal gateway into another realm, complete with enigmatic water patterns and a calm/chaos contrast between the pit and the calm waters surrounding it.

Still, There Are Some New And Novel Designs


Well, it turns out that this is not some supernatural opening to another realm. Instead, it’s the Conchos Dam in the Serra da Estrela. It’s part of a hydroelectric set-up, allowing excess water to flow over and out of the ravine and into a complicated system that generates electricity. Built in 1955, it carries water to a nearby pond, where it’s deposited. A tunnel of more than 1661 yards connects everything. Helder Alfonso snapped the images, and after posting them online, they have gone viral.

And Some That Are Very Strange Indeed


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