They say 30 is the new 20 and that’s great news for most millennials still trying to graduate and make their rent payment on time while surviving on the bodega sandwich “diet” washed down by perhaps a few too many bottom shelf brews.

While generations before try to figure out which way is up and who they are and where they’d like to rest their head at night there is one woman who is fiercely owning life at 89. For this seriously stylish woman age is just a number but hey if you must define it, for “Baddie Winkle” 89 is the new 50 but it’s disguised as a 25 year-old hottie with a body and the unapologetic confidence of Rihanna.

This Is The -Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle

She’s killin’ it at 89.

It’s No Wonder She’s An Instagram Sensation

Baddie has earned over three million followers.

Helen Answers To Baddie Now

One look at her IG and you too will see.

Simply Put-Baddie ‘Has Too Much Sauce’

Ya know, she’s really a fashion killer. *A$AP Ferg Voice*

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Hey! Guess What? She’s Generous Too

Yep,that’s a kind-hearted grandma with swag to match. Can you even handle her?!

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