How often do you choose name brand products over store brand equivalents? Are you guilty of heading straight for the Oreos instead of the “Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookies?” Do you prefer Cheetos brand to “Cheesy Corn Krisps?” If so, you’re not alone. In fact studies show that many people have become hip to the knowledge that is marketing and sales and oftentimes prefer to buy store brand products to name brand. Why you ask?

The Answer Is Simple…

The truth is out. It has been proven that many off-brand products are actually produced in the same factories as their more expensive counterparts.Source

That’s Right, It’s Pure Tomfoolery!

oh, you better believe there is more t the story than that too. From flexible “regulations” of how much animal waste is allowed for by the Food and Drug Administration to gimmicks which give false hope of higher quality products at the expense customers, only to put a shiny new outfit on identical products and jack the price up.

Big brands are hiding more than you think WATCH the FULL VIDEO this way…