You know those couples you see on Instagram and Facebook that always look so happy you think they truly are #RelationshipGoals only to find out they’re only showing you what they want you to see and not how they really are when they aren’t on social media?


In a way, it’s a relief that your relationship isn’t as bad as these folks would have you feeling and in another way, you can’t figure out why they’d go through so much trouble in the first place. Like, why post anything at all?




This New Jersey couple may have you feeling like they’re faking too, but they are 100% real.


TyAnna and Jordan have been together for quite some time and are now husband and wife.


Every time a gift-giving event rolls up, Jordan always knows exactly what TyAnna wants without her ever saying a word or dropping a hint.


They Truly Are A Happy Couple


So how does Jordan always know?


It’s ingenious, really.



Jordan innocently shared his secret on Twitter when someone asked if Pinterest was still around.


Just like that, he became a hero to men everywhere and wives are requesting he shares his “secret” with their men, too!


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