It’s hard to stall the wheels of progress. When viewed through the proper perspective, the advancements of an entire society would seem to take priority over the isolated interests of the individual. Not all of us want a major highway running through our yard. On the other hand, if it makes the commute to work less of a hassle, maybe we can compromise.

Usually, The Government Wins All Property Controversies



But Sometimes, They Don’t



In developing nations such as China, land rights are all over the place. The government wants to do what it needs in order to turn a rural, agriculture based country into a modern, high tech location for the future. Most residents agree with this idea. Others, however, see tradition and the loss of their lifestyle as things worth fighting for. The result? Sometimes surreal standoffs.

This Can Make Things Interesting For Developers



In the video clip included here, you will see 18 instances where personal pride trumped (or at the very least, attempted to overcome) state or corporate bureaucracy. Most occurred over in the Asian stronghold, where rampant development often goes unchecked. In fact, some highly questionable tactics have been used to displace people blocking roadways and/or building construction.

And For The Workers Trying To Do Their Job



But This Is What It Looks Like When The People Win



So – How Did They Resist? Continue On And Find Out