Everyone has hopes and dreams. Be it for the money, the fame, or just the love of being the best at what you are passionate about – you want to win. A craving to succeed and be the very best we can be runs through the body like a life force, nourishing the ego and inspiring drive.

Oftentimes, people have a hard time accepting that the only thing keeping someone from their dreams is a lack of belief and will to reach them. These 10 celebrities know what it means to see the lowest of low. They struggled to survive, slept in harsh climates, starved for the sake of their aspirations and guess what? They made it.

You might watch the Golden Globes or ogle at your favorite music video and bow down to the talent and status of your favorite high-profile personalities but the truth is, many of Hollywood’s A-listers made their way from nothing.

There is truly nothing like the struggle, the bottom of the barrel, the insistent rumble in your stomach and loss of all hope to inspire greatness. At some point the dream becomes the only way out and either you put in work and way for your relentless efforts to pay off to reap the limitless benefits or you accept failure and lose the will to thrive. In this fast-paced society there is no room to sit back and wait for things to happen. Be the change. Follow your dreams. Manifest your reality see what the power of positivity and perseverance will do for your future.

Let these 10 celebrities inspire you to be the best you can be and make your way to the top of the food chain. Next stop? Just a few miles and a couple road bumps and you, too, can step off of the struggle bus and find yourself boarding that private plane!

Jenny From The Block Came Up

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And Look At Her Now!

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There Is Nothing LIke The Struggle To Inspire Hustle!

Ever Wonder What A Day In The Life Of A Homeless Person Is Like?


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