It’s the kind of gesture that one doesn’t easily forget. It’s also something we don’t see everyday. For most of us, the homeless issue is not personal. Instead, it’s something the government, or police, or some charitable organization should tackle. All “there before the grace of Gods” aside, we don’t see ourselves. Instead, we isolate them from our reality, and hope they respect the distance.

The Homeless Epidemic Affects Everyone



Including Kids


There are those, however, who feel like they need to reach out and help. It’s not just a question of being part of the solution, it’s about being part of the human condition. No one should be stuck sleeping on the streets in raggedy clothing, not knowing where their next meal is coming from and how they will get through another day. Those who recognize that fact find it impossible not to care. Or act.

Children Living On The Street Is A Terrible Thing



So when a man came across a boy sleeping in the street, he knew he had to do something. The child was dressed in a pair of shorts only, and was clearly shivering from the cold. When approached, the boy balked, reacting like someone used to be hassled for being a social eye sore. He also is clearly not used to being treated with compassion.

They Often Get The Help They Need



Sometimes, It’s Too Little Too Late



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