Movies are magic. At least, that’s the general consensus outside the biz. Inside, everyone knows the true score. Even the smallest film is a labor of many divergent elements coming together under the singular vision of a director and/or a studio. That the end result manages to sweep you away to previously unseen worlds with equally new and novel characters doing the standard narrative good vs. evil shtick.

One of the most important aspects of such cinematic adventures is special effects, the real motion picture prestidigitation that turns a backlot into Middle Earth, or an actor’s face into a burned up, skeletal mess. Back in the day, it was mostly achieved via practical applications and blatant artistry. Today, CGI is the thing. If the computer can recreate it, a filmmaker will use it. Here are 21 examples of what goes on behind the scenes. Once you see them, you’ll never look at your favorite popcorn entertainment the same way again.1

How Two Face Got His Look

From The Dark Knight

Almost All Special Effects

The tiger from Life Of Pi

Land Locked

How filmmakers fake a cruise.

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