We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – we live in a world chock full of mystery. There is no way to know everything that the universe has to offer, and even when you boil it all down to smaller segment, we can’t begin to understand everything about mankind, nature, or the cosmos. So instead of learning, we lean on old habits. Superstition. Assumption. Innuendo. Fictions.

As Long As We’ve Been Connected To The Sea, We’ve Seen Monsters



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When a large, seemingly hairy creature washed up on the shore somewhere in Cagdainao, the Dinagat Islands, the locals had a field day. A recent earthquake off the coast of the Philippines was causing all kinds of sea life to land on their shores, but this one was unusual, almost indescribable in its appearance. There had to be a reasonable explanation, right?

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Well, that didn’t keep the naysayers and the know-nothings from leaping to a lot of silly conclusion. From a true sea monster to some elusive species we had yet to ID, the suggestions were extensive. Turns out, however, that the simplest explanation was also the right one. All it took was someone who knew what they were dealing with.

Almost All Are Fictional



Except For Maybe This One?



So – What Was It? Continue On To Find Out