Everyone has their own way of communicating. Each and every guy and gal in the dating scene, probably has a couple go-to moves up their sleeves. Ya know a couple icebreakers to get conversation going or an “EPIC” pick-up-line that apparently “works like a charm.” Whatever your schtick may be, own it. Get it how you live. That’s exactly what this courageous dame in the courting game just did.

To the tune of Eminem’s hit song, “Stan”, that is. Yes, this guy just tried to snag a Tinder-oni by finessing her with the sweet, sweet rhymes of the Real Slim Shady, but did it work?

 A Bold Attempt…

But she seems to be feeling it!


Maybe sometimes going in for the kill with some rhymes that are ill (LOL,or corny💁) is what it takes to get the date…

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