Meet Asha Mandela. The proud winner of Guinness World Record for longest dreadlocks on the map.  Measuring in at around 55 feet of hard work, spirituality and dedication, The 47 year-old has no plans of trimming her 35  pound, head of hair and instead plans, to continue to roam the earth with the eight of her hair tucked away  in a fabric carrier around her waist.

That’s right, this gal ties her hair into a satchel supported by her back and legs and has admitted to suffering from back pain as a result.

Asha takes the bad with the good however, and is very dedicated to the continued maintenance of her dreadlocks.

Asha Mandela Has Been On Her Dread Journey For Quite Some Time Now…




Asha’s  Love Locks Are Longer Than You Have Ever Seen Before



The 47-Year-Old Is Dedicated To Her Hairstyle



 Can You Say Goddess?!



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