The state of the opposing and oftentimes degrading views on race in America is beyond heartbreaking. People everywhere are fighting for the right to be seen as equal, while hateful groups do their very best to keep the divide.

Americans are not alone in this undying struggle either. Racism, color-ism, class-ism, sexism and just about any ol’ ism you can think of can be found in every corner of the map.

Just to be sure, Edeka, a German grocery store decided to do a little experiment.

Just for one day, the store removed all foreign food items. Every. Single. Last. One.

What happened? Well, the shelves were almost bare. There was next to nothing left!

Maybe you have never noticed how much foreign food you consume, enjoy and live on everyday but have no fear because the breakdown is on the next page!

 See what was left on the shelves after the foreign foods were removed…NEXT