For some reason, when we think complicated, we think contemporary. Apparently, all we can think of when we contemplate the intricate, the detailed, or the elaborate, is the latest technological advance, or some high resolution image of the planet. Believe it or not, however, there were times before science snuck into the argument that the complex came from centuries back. No, seriously. Have you ever seen a hand inked book? From the fancy lettering to the inclusion of pictures in the margins and titles, you can literally see the hours, days, and weeks it took to create each page.

Or what about those amazing Gothic boxwood carvings from the 1500s? These hand created miniatures from over 500 years ago offer up religious dioramas and tableaus that are so detailed and complicated that, recently, museums have been using x-rays and other technology to explain how they were created…and even then, the boxes often withheld their secrets. Offered to the noble classes who were, at the time, demanding portable religious art, there are very few left in existence. Once you see them, however, you’ll be haunted by their mystery, and mesmerizing by their age and near microscopic marvels. Enjoy.

These Works Of Art Are Amazing


They’re Over 500 Years Old


And Experts Still Can’t Explain How They Are Made


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