Let’s face it – when we’re kids, we do dumb things. Incredibly stupid things. Brainless endeavors that prove our lack of experience and understanding of the world. Granted, we can also be praised for being adventurous and daring. Sure, we could end up in trouble, or hurt, or both, but that’s not really the point. Until we learn that a lit stove is hot, we’re bound to throw our hands on it, facing the consequences of its not-so-friendly fire.



Now take this amiable attitude and turn it toward nature. Even when we know we shouldn’t do something instinctually, we throw caution to the wind and worry about the outcome later. Thus we have situations were boys bat a bee hives, hurl rocks at birds of prey, or as in the video featured here shows, decide to mess with a snake who could easily eat one or more of them for breakfast.

No Way


Now, it’s clear that the kids in this clip are used to being around such massive serpents. They really don’t blanch as it comes at them again and again. And it’s no baby. This is a monster snake, and it means business. Of course, there is laughter. These boys are enjoying the whole “dare” element of the event, and their nervous twitters indicate that they feel like there is no real danger. Even at the end, when Mr. Scales gets a little more frisky, they simple chuckle away.

Definitely Not


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