It’s time for another round of the Blame Game. The story we are about to tell you is either the saddest thing you will read today, or the most outrageous – or both. It will make you cry while you’re anger is seething and make you question the motives of everyone involved. It offers up multiple tragedies, a few misunderstandings (or two, we assume), and at least one moment where rationality could have saved the day – and didn’t.

She Was So Full Of Life


When she was born, Katya Badaeva was severely deformed. In fact, her looks so frightened her biological mother that she abandoned her in the hospital (Outrage #1). Raised in an orphanage, Katya was seen as an impressive and positive child – so much so that the workers reached out to find the woman who gave birth to her. At 17, Mom reappeared and offered to take her daughter back on one condition: she appear on a Russian reality show (Outrage #2) and have plastic surgery to make her look “normal” (Outrage #3).

She Should Have Been Accepted For Who She Was


Desperate for the family she never had and wanting to be accepted and loved by the relatives she never knew (her Mom went on to have three healthy sons), Katya agreed. Though she already had received several surgeries to help with medical and other health issues, she underwent the procedure everyone demanded. The final argument for it? The small village where Mom lived would not accept such a strange looking person (Outrage #4). What happened next gives a whole new definition to the word tragic.

Instead, She Died Trying To Gain Her Family’s Acceptance


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