Fans and followers of the “Bad Liar” artist know that Selena Gomez has been battling lupus for quite some time.

You may remember when Selena checked into a rehab facility in Wickenburg, Arizona,briefly in 2014. 

She admitted to her fans later in an interview with GQ , that at the time she had just learned of her mother’s devasting miscarriage and was struggling with her health and recent autoimmune diagnosis..


The American singer and actress has ha so much support since opening up to her fans about her health problems.  It wasn’t until the star canceled her summer tour that folks really began to worry.

The symptoms can be very severe and require chemotherapy to control. In Gomez’s case, things got so bad that she required a more invasive approach.

Selena needed a new kidney and had to wait for a transplant candidate to step up and help.


Her  chance at a healthy kidney transplant came sooner than expected when close friend, Francia Raisa offered to help. She was a match and agreed to donate the necessary organ to help Gomez.

Now that the surgery is over and everyone is on the mend, the pop star is sharing this information with her fanbase across social media. She put up a post of the duo in their hospital beds and gowns getting ready for the procedure and of course, shared some inspirational words along with the moving image.


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