Back in 2015, a young artist wanted to change everything people thought of Anime, Japanese animation typically aimed at adults.


Stephane Metayer didn’t just change the perception of Anime – he transformed the medium altogether.


Even more so, Metayer has changed the perception of comic artists.




Tephlon Funk! was inspired by Nas’ Illmatic album as a way to pull Metayer from a dark time when he was 17.


“Art really helped me out of my depression,” Metayer told “When I met my mentor, he liked my art.  He suggested that I should make my own characters.  I made a drawing of a girl  I saw in my Biology class with cornrows.  I came up with the idea for the story and her character was an homage to Janis Joplin.”


And so, Tephlon Funk!, the story of 14-year-old orphan Inez Jozlyn who doesn’t like living in the massive Queensbridge Housing Project in Queens and meets troublemaker Gabriel Ainsley.


Inez Just Wants To Get Out Of Queensbridge


According to Metayer, “Gabriel always tends to suck her into his antics.”


Like most Anime, there is definitely action to go along with the antics. The four main characters, Ainsley, Jozlyn, Cameron Phoenix, and Giselle Rodriguez, wield swords and shoot guns, but there’s a different twist to Tephlon Funk! that hasn’t been seen in Anime before.


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Not only is the comic lauded for being one of the only Anime series that takes place in New York City, it is completely Hip-hop-centric.


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