Have you found your perfect home or are you still searching for a comfy place to rest your head? Do you prefer wide open spaces and tons of land? Or is the city life more your thing? Whether you prefer oceanside views, cliff hanging heights or sweet cityscapes chances are, there is a place made with your tastes in mind.

Will you find in hidden among one of these ten super secret sanctuaries? You just might. Go ahead, take a look inside…

These Homes Were Made With 3 Things In Mind



Just because these homes are tucked away doesn’t mean they aren’t overflowing with aesthetically pleasing elements. A house is not a home without personal touches and character ya know.

Location, Location, Location

Be it hanging from the side of a cliff or snuggled into a hill which sits in among tall plain grasses, you know the saying- “Location is everything!”

And Most Importantly,Blending In

The whole point of these top-of-the-line practical designs is that they provide a comfortable place to feel safe and at home, away from the rest of the world. These secret hideaway homes provide ultimate privacy in an eloquent way.Source

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