Have you ever seen something that gave you pause, that caused you to psychologically back up a bit and wonder who or what would tolerate such a personal test. Perhaps it’s an individual taking a selfie from high atop a scary skyscraper, or swimming in an area where sharks are plentiful. Maybe it’s eating a food or pseudo-food that you’d never ever consider as cuisine, from snakes and bugs to all manner of animal offal. We all have apprehensions and fears, but most of the time, we never have to confront them.

In the gallery below, you’ll see several examples of what the Internet calls “Nopes” – examples of situations and sights which would do very little except convince you to high tail it to the nearest sign of civilization and forget your every experienced such visual anxiety. Would you really get close to a monster sized alligator, even if it was (supposedly) dead? How about drinking out of a bucket with a spider floating around inside? Would you let an insect the size of your skull crawl across your face, or how about entering a deep, dark stairwell leading to somewhere equally bleak? Check out the pics presented and see who many pass the “Nope” test. You’ll probably be surprised at the number.

Are You Sure That’s Dead?


Pennywise…And Child Foolish


The Eerie-Ster Bunny


The Daily Spider Stampede


Almost A Disaster…Almost


Glass Treading And Towing?


And You Didn’t Want To Go Into A Dark Basement…


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