Gabourey Sidibe has made quite a few waves and even more progress in a multitude of ways since her groundbreaking, debut performance in 2009, for her role as Precious.


Since her acting debut, Sidibe had success after success with a many a leading role. Unfortunately, Sidibe can’t seem to catch a break from the shade over her weight.

She is such an incredible actress with so many great qualities however, the public eye cannot seem t ignore that she is plus-size.


On a journey to a healthier happier version of herself, Gabourey keeps it real when it comes to her body. It has taken her a long tome to love herself and no matter what the haters think, curves are something that this stunning and confident woman does nothing but fully embrace!

To prove just how self-assured and absolutely beautiful she is Sidibe shared some eye-opening, unretouched photos that show off the real her. Flaws and all.

Ladies & Gents This Is A Confident Woman

Take notes.

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