Where would we be without our smartphones? And isn’t it sort of surreal that a mere 20 years ago that question would be met with blank stares? After all, if you wanted more than a device to communicate with – i.e. a mobile phone – you ran to grab your PDA, or personal digital assistant. Sadly, the same company that doomed such handheld devices (we’re looking at you, Apple Newton) gave us the standard bearer when it comes to smart.

We’ve Come A Long Way From This…



To This



Now, everyone’s got a mini-computer in their pocket, and all they seem to want is more, more…MORE! Bigger screens. More battery life. Additional features. Bountiful bells and whistles. And for the most part, the companies are caving. By the time we get to an iPhone X (for ten…Roman numerals, remember?) we’ll have something so insane we won’t know what to make of it.

And Now, Some Are Hoping For This…



Until then there are still manufacturers out there who are trying to keep innovation alive, and many are making the leap toward unusual tech tweaks. In fact, the most consistent new angle in these designs is the concept of portability. Where once we all wanted something we can slip into our pockets with ease, what we’ve wound up with is a mini-tablet in hanging out of our pants.

Or This…



Or Maybe Even This



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