Talk about being cute as a button. From the purest pure breed to the friendliest mutt, dogs and their puppies are beloved for many reasons. They’re loyal and affectionate, the perfect companion for young and old alike. They make life worth living and remind us of the days when man was part of nature as well.

We Heart This Little One Too



Better Not Mess With This Guy



One of the best things about our canine BFFs is their fur. It’s soft, perfect for petting, and often reflective of the make-up for the animal. Each dog has a distinct coat, part of their physical structure and design. You can tell a Collie by the way it looks. Same with a Golden Retriever. Or a German Shepherd.

He Seems Concerned



In the video included in this article, you will 31 bow wows whose unusual appearance has attracted attention. The creatures have such creative markings and designs that you’d swear they were purposefully made that way. Others are the result of genetic anomalies, and eons of breeding. Put together, they turn the typical cur into a four-legged work of art.

Bet His Name Is…SPOT!



Like A Work Of Modern Art



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