Ken Nwadike Jr. has made it his mission to spread love in a time when the world needs it most. There are so many groups of people at war with each other lately. Everywhere we turn there is another BREAKING NEWS! (insert hate crime here) headline.

This young man is tired of the unnecessary negativity. He wants it to be known that although there are wrongs in the world, it is unfair to put everyone in a box and assume that their opinions are the source of these devastating events and lives lost.

By spreading love and joy, Ken hopes to make his movement contagious and bring awareness to the truth that all lives do matter. And as we move into the future, it’s time to let go of this tit for tat attitude work towards unity and respect for one another on all fronts!

Ken started his project by giving his love to those dressed in blue but let it be known that free hugs have no boundary. They are plentiful, fulfilling and FREE, so what’s stopping the rest of the world from joining in?!

Over Here!

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It’s Amazing What A Little Positive Energy Can Do!

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WATCH The Kind Response From Men And Women In Blue On Page 2!