It’s official. The 2017 Forbes Highest-Paid Celebrities List is in and we’ve got to admit,there are a few surprises in the mix. Of course, there is not a name on the list that most average Jane’s and Joe’s won’t know because, well that is how they became celebrities after all.

Don’t be too disgruntled if your favorite celebrity inspiration or crush didn’t make the list.Chances are they aren’t climbing their way out of the poverty line, only to be less than fulfilled with the “dream” that it, “Middle Class”. It just means that they haven’t quite leveled up their endorsements/brand deals andentreprenuearships… yet, emphasis on yet.

Raking It In At #10, None Other Than ‘The King’

The NBA All Star has banked over 600 million since his career began but the 2016-2017 season has proven to be the most lucrative of all. For the first time in his 14 year career, Lebron holds the title as the highest paid baller in the game at a whopping 31 million dollars a season. Oh yeah and don’t forget about all that guwop from his Nike deal either. ‘The King’ of the court made a total of 86 million this year placing him at the number 10 spot on Forbes Wealthiest Celebs of 2017 list.