They are some of the more engaging human mysteries out there, more compelling than fear or phobias since we all have them. Indeed, not everyone is afraid of water, or heights, or closed in spaces, but everyone has these. Sometimes, they are fun and fancy free. Other times, they are the kind of terrors that keep you up all night. We are talking about dreams, obviously, and it’s safe to say that at some time or another we’ve been perplexed by our nocturnal visions. It’s also a safe bet that you’ve spent time wondering about what these unconscious movies mean.

Well here’s the weird part – many dreams are universal. In the video below there are 10 types which almost all of us experience at one time or another. Think about that for a moment. There are over seven billion people on the planet right now, all of them unique and individual (just ask their DNA and fingerprints), and yet, for some reason, we all suffer psychologically from the same ups and downs which are often translated into the same kind of subconscious response.

A Dream Is Like Visiting Another Universe



Everyone has dreamed of falling, or failing a test. It would be hard to name a single person who hasn’t experienced the “nude in public” reverie or the vision of flying. Granted, a few of these are a bit specialized. Having to go to the bathroom? Having sex with someone? Those may be part of the ongoing battle in our brain, put sleep paralysis and other types of hallucination based horror are not so common. Still, everybody dreams, and sometimes, everybody dreams the same way. It’s what links us as humans and its mysterious.

Here Are 10 Common Dreams And Their Meanings

And Here’s 10 Strange Facts About Dreaming

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