Michelle Obama will forever go down in history as the coolest First Lady to ever bless the States with her positive and pleasing presence. Seriously, not only has she inspired healthy lifestyles and stressed the importance of higher education, but she has effortlessly continued to keep up with the times and stay relevant throughout her husband’s terms.

On top of the fact that Michelle maintains a fun image, she’s got mad style to match her quirky, go with the flow personality. It was no surprise to see that FLOTUS accepted James Corden’s invitation to his latest episode of “Carpool Karaoke.” Of course, being the saucy personality that she is, Michelle and James had to jam out to an artist who could match her “Run The World” vibes.

Beyoncé was the perfect choice for this duo’s fun-filled drive around D.C.! Watch everyone’s favorite First Lady go all the way in on one of the greatest girl power anthems to ever exist, “Single Ladies,” and be prepared to exercise your vocal chords and good vibes right along with them!

FLOTUS Bein’ Trill

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Lettuce Turnip The Beet



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Michelle Is By Far The Most Relevant FLOTUS We Have Ever Been Blessed With!

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