Remember when you were growing up and there was that kid in your class that always had the newest videos games and latest kicks? Or maybe that one girl who always had real diamond earrings and the latest fashions – which she never seemed to wear twice?

At the time, you probably just assumed he or she was a rich kid, when it could have been a number of factors that you never considered at 13 years old, but completely makes sense all these years later.

Now, you know what “rich” actually is.

“Rich” is likely your boss or the CEO of the company you work for. The one who drives an exotic car, owns a watch from a company you can’t pronounce, and takes vacations places you’ve never heard of.

These days, 13-year-olds know about rich kids, thanks to reality TV and social media apps like Instagram, where lifestyles of the rich and famous comes to your smartphone in real time with photos of private jets, designer digs, and trips all over the world.

Check out the 10 flashiest rich kids on Instagram:


Dior sauvage #dior #teamthis

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E.J. and his baby sister Elisa are the ultimate celeb kids. Their father is one of the greatest players the basketball world has ever seen, Magic Johnson, and these two are making quite a name for themselves thanks to reality shows and their Instagram accounts (You can follow Elisa at @ElisaJohnson)


On Monday we recover 🍔🌴

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Dorothy Wang is the daughter of Chinese-American billionaire businessman Roger Wang and best friend to E.J. Johnson. She stars on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and will be on the new season of Famously Single.


Home alone 🥂

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Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick is another pal to Johnson and Wang. Even though she’s been married to real estate mogul Brendan Fitzpatrick (@brendanfitzp) for a year, her IG account hasn’t slowed down, lucky for us.